Our story begins like many others... We wanted to quit smoking.

Our founders met while working at a local car dealership. The car sales industry typically generates a lot of stressful situations, making it difficult for those who work in the industry to quit smoking. They tried everything from the gum, the patch, even the e-cigarettes you can buy at the gas station. But after a week or so, most of them gave in to their cravings and jumped right back to smoking cigarettes.

Our general manager finally had enough. He had a serious wake up call when his girlfriend was living in NYC, and her apartment was a 5th story walk up. He hated the fact that he'd always be winded after a flight of stairs, so he decided he needed to make a change. After doing extensive research and many failed attempts of quitting in the past, he finally took the plunge and started vaping. This time, his efforts were fruitful. He was able to completely quit smoking and even get his coworkers into vaping as well.

At Cloud9 Vape, we're not here to just sell you some the best ejuices out on the market. We're also here to help you break free from smoking. Our staff is here to help you learn how to vape, and stay vaping.